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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Piaget and Vygotsky - concept map

Piaget and Vygotsky concept map

Sensorimotor statge (0-2years) child begins to interact with their environment.  Imitations sounds, recognize objects, begins goal directed actions, movement develops, language begins and develops to 30 -50 words in their vocabulary, become aware of their body parts, begin social development

What is qualified teaching?

Qualified Teacher means a teacher who holds a bachelor’s degree or higher from a 4-year institution, has the current knowledge required to teach core academic subjects, and, usually based on a test of their content knowledge, a state teaching license.

Qualifications to be considered a qualified teacher are assessed by experience, content knowledge, certification status, salary, and master’s degree.

Good teaching is one that is effective in the classroom.  This is measured by the student’s achievements. 

Qualifications make a difference because those teachers identified as highly qualified have current knowledge necessary to teach core academic subjects.  The more experienced teacher is concerned about the growth and effectiveness in teaching a wide range of students.    

Schools that have students meeting the annual yearly progress will diversify their teachers with schools that are not currently meeting these goals.  By blending the teachers from the schools it is hoped that those that are getting the students to achieve will share their knowledge and methods with the teachers that are struggling so that they will be able to perform better. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cognitive development - vocabulary

Nature - knowledge you are born with / inheritance
Nurture - experience (environment) determine our knowledge
Continuity - Change (development) occurs smoothly over time
Discontinuity - gradual / stages / steps
Cognitive development - Gradual, orderly changes by which mental process become more complete
Critical periods - if learning doesn't happen during these periods, it never will
Later experiences - experiences in life will not have any effect on developing into adulthood

examples of continuity: vocabulary a child develops; age 18 months 10 to 50 words by age 5 able to have a sophisticated conversation.  age 18 months social skills lacking by age 5 able to control behavior in public environments that are expected.  age 18 months eating skills using hands by age 5 using utensils.

Evaluating web sites available to new teachers

Valuable advice for a new teacher

Irrelevant advice for a new teacher

Practical / Logistical advice for a new teacher

Words of inspiration to remember for a new teacher

Lessons – things to watch out for / mistakes to avoid as a new teacher

Educational Psychology - understanding it more

Concept map - Research in Educational Psychology

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First steps in exploring digital child development

On May, 20th I came into the room to begin the journey in exploring today's education as it pertains to students.  Dr. Smirnova introduced us to the new digital generation of learners.  She shared with us a video

We need to watch this video:

For one of the projects I choose Thinklink to introduce myself

Here is an image of a digital learner today: