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Monday, June 16, 2014

Classroom that includes exceptional children / meeting their IEP / IQ testing

Cluster 4
Common Challenges and Exceptional Children in Your Classroom

Some specific diagnosis that I might see for children placed in my classroom are:
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabled, Hearing Impaired, Orthopedic Impaired, Visually Impaired, Intellectually Disabled, Emotionally Disabled, Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria, Stuttering, and Expressive Language Disorder.

Some characteristics that I may observe will be physical such as missing a limb, having poor or no use of limb(s).  Some may be observable behavior such as gazing into space, drooling, involuntary body movements, and hyperactive disposition. .

Some accommodations that might need to be done could include the placement of furniture, FM radio system, large printed material, IPad device to allow communication, and portable communication device.

Some helpful teaching strategies that might be useful are those that are universally designed for learning.  Ones that allow all five forms of learning styles to be incorporated to ensure all children have multiple means of engagement, representation, and expression.  It will be essential to have lessons that incorporate the learning styles of all students.  Include the four areas that need to be stimulated which are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile.

Three websites that I found regarding “IEP” and “IEP” and “ASD””

The sources of information are well reputable sites.  The one is from the NYS Board of Special Education, and the others are autism sites that offer insight as to what a child with autism is will receive from their local education department.  

The prevalent issues on these web sites was that every child is entitled to have a free education that meets their needs.  If the child needs any accommodations that they will be provided to the child.  The IEP is a plan that will ensure that the child's needs are meet even if assistive technology is required to have that happen.

    IQ test web site
IQ test results

Taking this test made me feel anxious and excited.  I wanted to get as many answers correct as I could to validate my intelligence.

I think that the test provides a general depiction of my intelligence and abilities.  Some of the questions require a deeper analysis than others and if paper could have been used the answers given may have been different if calculations had been allowed.  

I would approach IQ testing with my own students that made them feel at easy by providing them with testing that was first age appropriate.  I would integrate the zone of proximal development.  I would consider the distance between the child’s actual developmental level as it was determined by independent problem solving.  The level of potential development as determined through problem solving that occurs under adult guidance or in collaboration with peers will be an influence.

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