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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Observing how diverse learners are being accomodated

Field work # 6

Observe a classroom paying attention to the diverse learners in the classroom and how teachers accommodate their learning during the lesson.

Ø  During the observation some ways that the teacher paid attention to the diverse learners in the classroom to accommodate their learning during a lesson included the teacher giving specific page number to the students so that they could get the details to follow along when examples had been given,  provided a recap of what was read, highlighted significant points and gave a summary of the main idea discussed in the reading, encouraged critical thinking and offered some insight about the reading, reviewed key vocabulary mentioned in the reading, emphasized the main points indicated in the reading, and had the students engage in independent writing answer the necessary question.  The teacher used the smart board to offer visual learning.  The teacher repeated aloud significant points aloud from the reading.  The teacher had the students set up in groups to allow discussions of the materials so they could collaborate.  

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