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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The value of incident learning and reinforcement

Field work # 7

Observe the classroom and record/note:
1. Each time an incident of learning occurs (when and how). Provide specific examples/evidence. May be you will prefer keeping a journal for 24 hh and note every time an incident of learning happens. Be ready to blog about and share in class.
In the classroom that I observed an incident of learning that occurred was during a history lesson.  The students were discussing the unfair treatment the colonists received from the British soldiers during the Revolution and how that was not fair that it happened.  The teacher reminded the students that anytime someone treats another person this way that it is wrong to do.  The students all agreed and then one student said, “that is why we all need to be nice to one another”.  The understanding that kindness needs to occur everyday for everyone is the critical learning that was demonstrated by the student in the class.

2. If and how the teacher uses reinforcement (positive/negative) and if s/he uses punishment. Record, blog, and share.
The classroom I observed had a moving up meeting one evening and the classroom that had the most participants was told that they would receive a reward for their involvement.  The classroom that I observed won this reward because 17 out of the 27 students participated in this event.

Another incident that was observed was when the teacher used negative reinforcement.  The class was being excessively chatty during lesson time.  After several attempts to out the class down and try to get them back on track to do the lesson the teacher was not successful.  As a result the teacher told the students to clear their desks off and to put their heads down on their desks.  The outcome was that the students had to sit for ten minutes with nothing to do.  In the future when the teacher asked them to settle down and do their assignment they will probably do so to avoid the silent time and doing nothing.

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