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Monday, June 16, 2014

Our communities include children so be responsible for their sake



MSMC - campus where I attend college for my Masters in Childhood Education

My home

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Work - giving back to the community
Where I get food for my family

Park that we enjoy going to

Local movie theatre

High school that my son attends and I attended
Newburgh riverfront
favorite place to get a hotdog

The people that are in my family, that I work with, attend college with, visit at the park, see at the store when I get grocery’s, those that I meet at the riverfront, and someone that enjoys a movie with me.
It is important to my community that we continue to look after the next generation and guide them to make the right choices.  Help them understand that they are a vital part of the community that they live in.
I need to know how are schools are preparing our students to be productive and active members of our community.  I need to give back to the community when I have that opportunity.

My community does an annual relay for life walk at the local park in June.
My community does an annual Italian Feast to promote and invite others to celebrate their culture.
My community does parades to engage with the community during times of celebration and honor.
My community does an annual fire safety prevention program to promote home safety for families.

Breaking world news according to CNN

A hat trick, a headbutt, a humbled Portugal

That just about sums up Portugal's World Cup opener against Germany. And as if the loss wasn't enough, Portugal may have lost a key player. FULL STORY

The first thing that populated was about sports - this is what the hottest topic was about today.
If you’re on the German side you maintain that the score board speaks for itself, but if you are on the other side you don’t think that German’s showed very good sportsmanship while playing this game.  The two teams went out to win and one may have maintained their dignity while the other went full in to win at any cost.  
Whenever faced with a situation where each side as something to gain or lose you will have different points of view.  Those points of view may not always be depicted accurately or fairly depending on the integrity of the individual providing the information.  As future educators it will be important to take into account such situations that will arise in our classroom and how to handle such delicate matters.  Our students will usually have their own best interests at heart so remember this when they discuss with you how they perceived any given situation and what occurred.  

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I think that the first response from many after taking a test like this would be that it does not depict your true feelings especially if you don’t agree with the findings.  

I think that the context in which I teach will be influenced by the environment in which I am teaching and not related to the results from a test of this nature.  If I am teaching in a suburban area as an early childhood teacher it will be totally different than if I am teaching in an urban high school.  The dynamics of the group of children and meeting their needs will be my focus on how I present the context material to them to ensure I engage, relate and motivate the students.

I do think that a teacher that is outspoken about biases that they have can influence the development of younger children.  I don’t feel that older children could be affected as much as the younger ones.  As a community it is important that we monitor the impact that teachers have on our children if it is any way negative.  Those matters need to be addressed accordingly.

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  1. It is great to see that you are involved with your community. I couldnt agree more with you about the fact that children are not only involved in our community but are the future of our community and that they deserve respect. I do not believe people presently respect the community allotted to them. We only have one so it is essential we take care of it.