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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Grasping critical thinking, argumentation, and transfer

Understanding the way you learn

I am most aware of my own learning when I can incorporate more than one learning style.  It does however depend on what it is that I am trying to learn on which learning style works best.

If I am trying to learn definitions / vocabulary I do best with the tactile learning style.  If I am trying to learn about how to become a better candy crush player than the visual learning style kicks into overdrive for me to try and learn that.

When I am trying to learn material in the short term I will try to create an acronym if that is applicable to do.  If that is not I will try to memorize the information.  If it is possible to do replication of a new math concept that I am trying to do then I will take that method.  When I am trying to learn material in the long term I will try to break the information down into smaller sections at a time.  As I develop my understanding of the material I will continue to review what has already been acquired before introducing new information that way I am sure to learn the entire process.   

Procedural knowledge in simple tasks - Making Strawberry Milk
  • Get a milk container, strawberry syrup, glass and spoon.
  • Place items on a counter
  • Open milk container
  • Open strawberry syrup
  • Lift milk container up and pour milk into glass about 75% to the top of the glass
  • Place milk container back onto the counter
  • Lift syrup container in your left hand and lift a spoon in the right hand
  • Place spoon over the mouth of the glass
  • Pour syrup onto the spoon
  • Place syrup back onto the counter
  • Place the spoon with syrup into glass and stir until incorporated into the milk
  • Remove spoon from glass and place it back onto the counter
  • Serve

Considering cognitive psychology

What an interesting site!  This will certainly be a site to bring into the classroom.  
I learned about geometry of light and how it is distorted when it is reflecting.  Geometry is everywhere and the light reflections to peculiar points of view exist.  A shadow which is known to be a 2D image occurs when light casts over a 3D image.  I learned that angels, arches, and other shapes are created when people and things are in motion.  I now know that all movement has geometry to it.  I understand that fitting things shapes together will make patterns.  Some of these patterns will have some gaps while others will not.  

Learning how the brain processes information will help me as a teacher because I understand better now how to incorporate details into lessons that I teach.  Each student will have different understanding and methods that allow them to learn information and process it.  As a teacher I will just have to get to know them and find out which way is best for them.  Knowing this will help if they are having any difficulties and further explain information into deeper details as needed.  

I will be able to apply what I have learned to improve my students cognitive abilities by offering many variations within each lesson plan.  When I don’t think that the student is understanding the directions I can break them down even further so it will be clear for them to follow along and do the task.  Each student will be working at different levels so what one may already know another may not.  Taking the time to learn who needs more details and one-on-one instruction will be a task in the beginning, but the rewards will pay off in the long run for the student.  If they are able to understand an assignment because we worked together step by step for them to learn it then it will be all worth it.

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