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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Interview with a teacher

Field work #1

Interview a teacher on:
1. What effective teaching principles s/he follows to reach every child in his/her classroom.
2. What latest research s/he is referring to in his/her teaching design.
3. In what ways the research on effective teaching empowers teachers' continued learning processe?

Upon interviewing the classroom teacher that I observed here are her responses when I asked the following questions:
Ø  What effective teaching principles does she follow to reach every child in her classroom?  She will first establish a baseline to determine each student’s academic level.  She will test them to find out what their learning style is.  She will provide those learning styles in their lessons.
Ø  What latest research she is referring to in her teaching design?  Some of the latest research that she is using in her teaching design is RTI, guided reading, NYS Modules and adapt to children

Ø  In what ways the research on effective teaching empowers teachers’ continued learning process?  She feels that the RTI allows her intervention processes.  Since this program measures growth as an indicator that the methods being used are working.  She is able to use technology such as IPads to support a child needs as well.  

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