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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Every student needs to be taught! How to reach them ...

Teaching from different perspectives

Teaching a simple topic such as how to make a glass of strawberry milk can be done using different teaching strategies.  Two different examples would be using direct instruction versus using a constructivist perspective.  

If using the strategy of direct instruction with a student you would have the student come with you to the kitchen station and begin to explain what the task is going to be and walk them through it step by step.  
The procedure you would use to have them make a glass of strawberry milk would be as such:
  • Begin by getting a milk container, strawberry syrup, glass and spoon.
  • Place items on the counter
  • Open milk container
  • Open strawberry syrup
  • Lift milk container up and pour milk into glass about 75% to the top of the glass
  • Place milk container back onto the counter
  • Lift syrup container in your left hand and lift a spoon in the right hand
  • Place spoon over the mouth of the glass
  • Pour syrup onto the spoon
  • Place syrup back onto the counter
  • Place the spoon with syrup into glass and stir until incorporated into the milk
  • Remove spoon from glass and place it back onto the counter
  • Serve

If using the strategy of problem solving by means of the constructivist perspective you would give the student the glass, carton of milk, strawberry syrup, and a spoon.  You would tell them that you want strawberry milk and have them work through the process on their own.  They would have to figure out what steps need to be done in order to complete the task.  

Online lesson plan objectives

Lesson Plan: Telling Time

Objectives: Students will use their bodies to demonstrate time in hours and half hours.

I would categories these objectives as cognitive and psychomotor.  Cognitive because the students will have to remember and use reasoning objectives to know the different times of a clock.  Psychomotor because the students will need to have ability and coordination to manipulate their bodies the correct way to demonstrate the time on the clock.   
lesson plan - telling time.jpg

Reflective Practice

In a journal I would set up my entries to reflect once a week.  I would reflect on the techniques I have used for classroom management and the outcomes by using them.  I would reflect on perhaps why they worked or did not work.  I would try to analyze what contributed to the success or failure of the technique.  What factors influenced these outcomes the most or least.  I would reflect on what I found to be my worst frustration during the week.  I would reflect on what was my greatest achievement during the same week.  What could I possible do in the future to avoid the frustration and what could I do to allow the achievement to occur again.  

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