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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Learning Sciences - Constructivism in the classroom



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From a teachers perspective what this mean to me is that some of the students will have more contacts to network with than others do.  Since some of the students know more people they could be at an advantage when they are asked to share information about one another or who they may like to do an assignment with because they may already know information about the other people in the class.  As a teacher knowing about these relationships will be beneficial to me so that when I want to try and have everyone work with a new partner on a project I can ensure that they actually happens.  It will also benefit me if there is an issues that arise good or bad on who the student may find support or comfort with.  This networking has both its positive and negative attributes.  

A specified lesson that would allow me to use cognitive apprenticeships in my classroom would be a lesson on how to make banana bread.  Some of the cognitive challenges that could be faced in this lesson are the students abilities to measure the ingredients accurately enough so that the end product is constructed correctly.  Another challenge could be that the students could follow all the steps and not miss anything essential like an ingredient.  Additionally a challenge could be that they set the oven to the proper temperature and use the clock correctly for the needed baking time required.

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