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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is Constructivist practice happening in the classroom?

Field work # 10

Observe your FW classroom (or give examples from the previous visits) and determine what elements/principles of constructivist practice you would see.

Jot down your observations and reflect on the findings in your blogs.

A specific example of constructivist practice observed in the classroom during my fieldwork would be when I observed the students doing research on a project.  Each student was assigned a country to report on. They could gain information by any means that they had available to them.  Some decided to use the computer to find out information about a their assigned country.  While others used magazines and books.  Some focused on foods and clothing in their country.  Some decided to do a collage to report on their country while others  choose to do a paper sharing what they learned.  Allowing the students different ways to express their findings is an example of a constructivist practice.   

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