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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What helps you remember?

Field work # 9
Interview your teacher and students:
·         Ask both your teacher and students, what helps them remember the concepts, new material.
·         In what subject students quickly remember the material and why.  The teacher explained rereading the information and taking notes helps to grasp concepts of new material.  This method is good for history.  When attempting to learn new concepts with Math or Science it is best to do the activity or problems multiple times to gain an understanding of the concepts.   When I asked the students that what methods they used some suggested that making flashcards to learn new vocabulary words helped them.  They agreed that when trying to learn new math concepts that it helps to do many different examples to gain an understanding of the concepts.    
·         What they would advise you as a beginning teacher to learn to do to help them remember the information better.  They suggested showing different ways of doing the same thing would probably be a good way to help them learn concepts.

Compare the answers of the students with those of the teacher. Provide your insights in the blog and be ready to share in class.  Both the teacher and students are using a variety of techniques to learn new concepts.  Some overlap one another while others did not.  Having different methods and way of learning the concepts seemed to be a theme since that was a suggestion on how to teach the information so that it could be learned in general.

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