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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Farewell ED5410 Summer '14 session

At the beginning of this course I was introduced to many new forms of technology that would be needed to complete the assignments.  These new sites include such  things as a blog, google documents, e-text book, movenotes, voki, pininterest, concept mapping, live binders and many more.  At times it was mind boggling as to how to operate some of the new technology.  Many times the processes had to be redone to reinforce what was needed.  I am thankful that I had a classroom full of peers that felt the same way as I did so we to assisted one another as needed to ensure we all accomplished the assignments.  With that mentioned I have gained much more knowledge about programs and the technology that I can incorporate into my future classroom.  Doing research on a specific theorist that influenced child development and learning theories has allowed me to gain a better understanding of his impact towards these critical areas. This is important since these theories and learning development concepts will impact me as a teacher.  Having my peers contribute by doing other significant theorists was also beneficial because it was presented in a meaningful way that I was able to associate with and grasp.  The assignments offered additional reinforcement to ensure the concepts were understood and learned.  As a future teacher I am more prepared for the classroom after taking this course.

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