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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is there a place for bribing in classrooms?

Field work # 8
Imagine yourself being interviewed for a teaching position. During your job interview, the principal asks, "A teacher last year got in trouble for bribing students with homework exemptions to get them to behave in class. What do you think about using rewards and punishments in teaching. What will you say?"
Think over the question and share your insights in your blog. Support your answer with behavioral theory principles and arguments.

I would explain that I completely agree that there is no place in education for bribing.  That I do agree with 

using rewards and punishment in the classroom.  There is research based evidence that supports B.F. 

Skinner theory on Operant Conditioning.  When used correctly this theory offers a teacher many positive 

and negative reinforcers, punishment and extinction methods to motivate and control the students behaviors 

in the classroom.  There is significant distinction between bribing students and offering them a reward or 

punishment and I understand the difference completely.    

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