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Saturday, June 21, 2014

An observation on how individual needs being met

Field work # 4

Observe the classrooms paying attention to the individual need of students and blog about your observations.

Ø  During the observation some ways that attention was paid to individual student needs by the teacher included a projector with audio sound was used to offered loud sounds to ensure everyone could hear the lesson and one student is using a journal to have daily check-in sessions since he is being teased.  The teacher is using this technique to offer guidance and ensure the student feels safe and has support.  During the reading lesson the teacher engaged the students by having the entire class read as a whole the responses from a story as he read the main characters lines.  This style allowed those readers that are not as strong a sense of comfort to read since any errors they did would not be highlighted since the class was reading as a group.  The students followed up the reading by reflecting in their journal about the chapter.  This allowed the students an opportunity to reinforce the information discussed in the chapter.     

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