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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Media and Advertising impact behaviorism

Using Behaviorism in the classroom

Online Advertising

  • They are marketing to those that go camping and / or hiking as well as those that may have experienced a recent power outage and may want to get some supplies that they could use during any future outages.  
  • They are using behaviorist principles in their persuasion practices since most people using this site may be planning to do an outside activity and that was their reason for going onto the site.  Another use for someone being on the site is due to severe weather impacting their area causing power outages.  

Social Cognitive Theory and Social Media

  • The kinds of social information that these people allow their friends to see are local shopping / restaurants, family photos, and food receipes.
  • These are personal to the individual, but at the same time acceptable images / communications that society find acceptable.
  • The distinction between learning and performance might apply to these people who are posting on these sites because they have acquired the knowledge of what is acceptable information to post on these sites.  Their performance will increase if they receive positive feedback from others viewing their posts.  If someone posted something negative about what they have posted it may cause them to post more than they “should”.    

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